At Dryroofs we’ve put together just a few questions that we have been frequently asked over the years, hopefully you can make use of them aswell, if you have any questions that you would like us to answer don’t hesitate to contact us or fill in our request a quote page asking anything you may need advice on.

I am looking to change my facia boards but not sure if I want pvc or wood?
My chimney leaks and I have had a number of repairs to it can you remove it?
I’ve recently purchased a property, there are no noticeable leaks but the roof looks old, will you charge me to look over my roof?
My roofing leak has damaged my ceiling can I get all the works done through Dryroofs or do I need to seek alternative trades myself?
I’ve just been in my attic and noticed all my felt has water droplets on and every thing is damp does this mean my roof is failing and it needs replacing?
We have excepted the quotation for you to undertake works on our property what do I need to do next?
Do you want a tea or coffee?